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10Winter 2017  SOLD OUT

Fall 2014  SOLD OUT


Summer 2014, $10

Breeder-Forum with Linda Moore, Adair Shelties; Center Stage featuring MBISS Gold GCH/Can Ch Homespun Casual Blues; ASSA National pt 1: Judges Critiques; What is a Stud Dog?; Dogs and Wills: How to leave a legacy for your pet; Health: When It’s Time For a Urinalysis

Spring 2014  SOLD OUT

Winter 2014  SOLD OUT

Fall 2013 $10

Junior Handling: The Parallel Universes of Katie and Ollietta; Breeder-Forum WITH Janeen Simpson, Crestar Shelties; Breeder-Forum Wieth Karosel Shelties, Robin McTaggart and Jennifer McFarlin; Rescue at the National; The Proof is in the Judging; Leaky Dogs: A Primer on Uninary Incontinence; Tick Paralysis

Summer 2013  SOLD OUT

Spring 2013  SOLD OUT

Winter 2012  SOLD OUT


Summer 2012   SOLD OUT

Spring 2012.  SOLD OUT

Winter 2011 SOLD OUT

Fall 2011 SOLD OUT


Summer 2011, $10

Remembering Dane, BIS/BISS Ch Homewood Hurricane CC, AOM, ROM, ROMC Breeder/Handler Spotlight . . .Shannalee Waller-Michalsky / Akadia
From the ASSA: Notice on Genetic Diseases Humor: Message from pet owner to pets HSUS: Six Member of Congress Join The Call for IRS Action
Memories of Mary Hayes and the Malpsh Shelties Health: Follow Up on Xylitol Poisoning
Breed Standard: Preferred Breed Type
Mentoring: The Tragic Loss of Bloodlines and Mentoring In America Pt 1
Health: What’s Thyroid Got to do With It?
Animal regulation: Stop “Littering”

Spring 2011, $10

Spotlighting Guy and Thelma Mauldin, Kismet Shelties
Walt and Mary Christensen, Neahm Shelties
In loving memory of Multiple BIS/BISS Am/Can Int’l Ch Ozark Crest Fortune In Gold
Overseas News: Showing Shelties In Japan
Missing And Crooked Teeth, Part 2
The Herding Group Welcomes A New Breed: The Entlebucher Mountain Dog
Rescue: Katie’s Story
AKC News: Excerpts from the Chairman’s  Report
Health vs Socialization… The Fine Line

Winter 2010, $10

Ziggy’s Story: a rescued Sheltie with severe ear infections
Hobby kennel: Patricia Shannon/Pashwood Shelties
Carting With Shelties: choosing a cart
Stud dog management . . . it’s not so simple
Honoring new ROM: BISS CH Blue Heavens Kaltrav Ashley ROM
Breeder Spotlight: Gloria Baughman/Belaire Shelties
Investigations into the Genetic Mutations Causing Two Different Dental Anomalies
Puppy placement: making the right match
Local News: Southern California Super-Match 2010

Fall 2010, $10

All-Around Sheltie, Am/Can Ch Peggin Hellon Wheels RA PT OA OAJ OAP NJP NF
Toenails – a quick primer for newbies
Is Flea and Tick Control Safe?
2010 ASSA National Specialty judge’s comments
Honoring A/C Ch Dury Voe Wintergreen ROM
Julie Iverson, Homespun Shelties
Introducing Herding Group Newcomer: the Icelandic Sheepdog
Conformation: Piece Work Dogs or Symmetry?
Amy Massey and Jeannette Powers-Hodson/Kell Shelties
Handling skills – Video your match – a great learning tool!

Summer 2010, $10

2010 ASSA National Specialty coverage:
Rescue Dogs at Tucson, by Dorothy Christiansen
Rescue Quilt at Tucson, by Dorothy Christiansen
Editor’s comments on the National
National show results
Carting With Shelties at the National, but Dr. Janet Moyer
ASSA 2010 – What a Road Trip! by Tammy Alden
Breeder spotlight . . . Susan “Suzi” Beacham/Shalamar
Honoring ROM Breeders . . .Barbara Thompson/Barwood
Featuring: Hector and Meredith Hector/Enclave
Featuring Kim Furlong/Masterpiece
An Interview with Junior Handler Kylie Raff by Tammy Alden
Education . . . Meet the Breeds: But it’s a lot of work! by Marilyn O’Cuilinn

Spring 2010   SOLD OUT


Fall 2009, The Specialty Issue $10

Carting: Carting Shelties on TV!, by Dr. Janet Moyer,
Honoring Am/Int’l/Mex/World/COA Ch Kylene Eden The Dragonslayer 3CC, by Various authors, Shelties helping people . . . Amy’s Story, By Ruth Tindle, Junior handler Kelsey Martin, by Tammy Alden

Summer 2009   SOLD OUT

Top winners and producers $7
Analysis of the Standard – Part 1: A look at words NOT in the Sheltie standard Century Club Shelties; BISS Ch BranGay PS This Is Austin CC
History; Memories to last a lifetime! Dog shelter importation: a big business in some states! What is a title? Current health studies in Shelties
ROM bitches who have produced 10 or more champions,
My experience with carting
Carting history; Pictures from the ‘30s and ‘40s
Course C Herding
A Sheltie wins HIT,
Animal legislation Side effects – because for every cause, there’s an effect: HSUS-HSVA-AVAR-AMVA,
The hazards of trail walks,
History makers; BIS Ch Halstor’s Peter Pumpkin
Congenital canine cardiac defects, Patent Ductus Arteriosis (PDA)
Vicki Halstead RN, CCRN, CEN, CVNS, LNC, Calcium and regulation: Vitamin D for health!, Diane A. Jansey, Canine Nutritionist

Summer 2009 $15, Specialty Preview Issue

Overseas News: The Shelties Of Beijing, As Judged By Breeder/Judge Carl Skinner
Breeder/Handler Profile: Julie Desy / Ilemist Shelties,
Honoring New ROM: Ch Sunebank Caerleon Quest ROM
AKC News: AKC And The Mixed-Breed
Animal Regulation: Little-Minded Littleton Vs Bob Attleson,
Contracts: Placement Contracts Work!
Carting With Shelties
Junior’s Corner: Dominic Adams
Tribute To Kathy Dziegiel
Club Activities: Learning To Say “No”
Sheltie ROM Series: Locklyn Guzman / Apple Acres

Spring 2009, $10

Herding Instinct Testing and Evaluation Using Call Ducks, By Terrie Van Alen
ASSA 2009 National Specialty: Class results
ASSA 2009 Judges’ comments, by Barbara Aulbach, Dorothy Christiansen, Glenda Henson & Guy Jeavons
ASSA 2009 Rescue stories, by Dorothy Christiansen
A “Down Under” Point Of View, By Debra and Geoff Hill, Australia

Fall 2008, Specialty Issue $10

ASSA 2008 Show Results, Events, And Pictures
Ch/UD Breeders George And Patty Page / Cataway,
Karen Coombs / Arenray
and And Cheryl Spangler / Shelsian,
Judy Kelsey / Dury Voe, Pt. 2;
Ch Aynsworth Silver Moonlight ROM, 3rd Annual SSC Of Nor. Cal. Spring Sheltie Herding Specialty

Summer 2008 $10

Top winners and producers,
ROM BIS/BISS Am Can Ch JCC Grand Ch Barkley’s SS Pajero Junior CC, ROM, JCC CD
MACH, Belcroft Lightn Strikes CDX RE HSAs OF EAC EJC OCC TG-N,TN-N WV-N CGC,
Linda And Rob Nicholas / Solange,
Jessye Norman – 20 Year-Old Sheltie,
SAR Before MAR
“ Shetlands Only” Herding Trial,
Our Gene Pool Is Shrinking

Spring 2008 $10   Specialty Preview

Featuring Tammy Alden And Pauline Brolin/Coastal; Ch Barwoods Firestorm ROM & Ch Barwoods Jasmine ROM; DNA Testing: Who Is Really My Daddy?; Humor: The Bear Steals The Show; A Glimpse Into SAR And MAR

Winter 2007 $10

Ch Laurelglen Icon Rising Star ROM,
BISS Ch Sea Haven Chasing Moonbeams ROM,
A/C Ch Krystalyn Magical Moments ROM,
Krystalyn Laurete Intuition ROM,
Dianne & Steve LaClare / Valley View,
Yvonne DeFreitas / Krystalyn,
Judy Kelsey / Dury Voe,
Lumps, Bumps, And Other Skin Growths

Fall 2007, Specialty Issue, $10

ASSA National Results & Judges’ Comments,
Nola & Les Chock / Cinnabar,
Aleta Canady / Whisperwind,
Karastar Blackjack Of Himark,
Getting The Right Photo By Susan Ferroni-Keleher

Summer 2007, $10

Top winners and producers,
BIS/BISS Am. Can. Ch. Toven Wintertide, Can CD, ROMC,
Locklyn Guzman / Apple Acres
Haven, House Shelties,
Ch. Mainstay Cameo Farms Model,
Jim And Debby Gayton / Wintercreek,
More On Designer Dogs,
Breeding For Performance?
DC/Can. Ch. Linden Danbie The Blacksmith-The First Of His Kind!
Heart Murmurs In Older Dogs,
Measuring For Oversize,
How To Make A Presentation At A City Council Meeting,
Why Does My (Senior) Dog Do That?

Spring 2007, $10

Specialty Preview,
Mildred Nicoll, Tribute
to Himark’s Singular Sensation, DC/Can. Ch. Linden Danbie The Blacksmith NA VCX HTDI HRDsIII, Ch. Lakehill King O’ The Road ROM,
Robin Swan / Ha-Dar,
Tom Coen’s Seminar Reviewed,
Caring For A Double Coat, Testing For Proper Puppy Placements, Demodicosis,
Why Do Breeders Go To Dog Shows

10Winter 2006 $10

Robin McTaggart / Karosel
Oakdale Make A Wish ROM,
Importance Of Preliminary OFA Evaluation,
New Kennel Crud,
Puppy Placement,
Co-Ownership Hazzards, Nature Vs Nurture

Fall 2006, Specialty Issue $10

ASSA And CSSA 2006 National Results,
Northern CA Spring Herding Specialties
How To Raise A Puppy,
Summer 06, $7 – Top winners and producers,
Tom Murphy / Hannalore
Herding Profiles Part IIX, Trends In The Breed,
House-Training Your Puppy,
Chlorinated Water…A Big No-No!!!

Spring 2006, $10

Specialty Preview,
BISS Ch. Fairwyn Westar Essence ROM, Handler Mark Hersman / Westar,
Tikaa’s Essence Of Starfall,
There Is No Mapquest For Breeding Dogs,
Memorial To Don Bickford

Winter 2005 $10

Susan Christie / Carloway,
BIS Ch. Macdega Asterisk ROM

Fall 2005, $10

ASSA Coverage,
Don Bickford / Roydon

Summer 2005, $10

Am. Can. Int’l. Ch. Kelnook’s Devil To Pay CD, TT, CGC, AX, MXJ,
BIS/BISS Am. Can. Ch. Toven Wintertide, Can. CD, ROM, C
Joyce Woolridge / Shadland, Honoring Darla Duffy,
Geriatric Peripheral Vestibular Disease, Herding Profiles: Part VII

Spring 2005, Specialty Preview, $10

Pat Brunner Tribute, Sheltie Rescuers Darla And Ernie Duffey,
Puppy Kindergarten,
Herding Profiles Part IV,
Winter In Canada, Fresh Food Diet, Raising Pups To Be Good Companions

Winter 2004, $10

Ch. Golden Hylite’s Angel And Her Grandson,
Am. Can. Int’l. Jpn. Ch. Golden Hylite’s The Phantom ROM/ROMC,
What Breeders Need To Know About The Immune System, Part 1,
The Ultimate (Puppy) Test

Fall 2004, $10

ASSA 2004 Nat’l, Results, Winners and Judges Comments, Socializing The Rescue Dog, The Down Side Of Inbreeding,
ASSA Membership Requirements, My Contract Legal Nightmare

June-July 2004, $10

– “Just Ducky” Winter Herding,
Raising Ducks For Herding Trialing,
Breeding Better Dogs Using Pedigrees, So You Want To Use Your Dog At Stud?
Unwanted Inherited Traits,
The Versatitles, Outstanding Bitches Are The Key,
About Withholding Ribbons

April-May 2004, $10

Probiotics: By Dr. Gail Czarnecki,
Showing In The United Kingdom,
ROMC Skyehaven Ready Or Not,
Handling The Handler, By Rose Chandless,
Rescue: A Winter’s Tale, Show Day Escapades,
Puppy Mills,
Pet Pricing,
Book Review: Case Closed? By Richard Beauchamp

Feb-Mar 2004, $10

A/C Ch. Linden Francesca,Ch. Romayne’s Loving Touch,
A/C Ch. Aylmere Premonition CD, AX, AD, EAC, OJC, NGC, CGC

Dec-Jan 2003/04, $10

Ch. Ozark Crest City Slicker ROM, ROMC,
Agility UK Style, Jennifer Glazier – Junior Handler,
Shelties At Wor, k
Book Review: Building Blocks For Performance

Oct-Nov 2003, $10

Laura Thompson / Zesta,
Closet Colors In Our Breed, Herding Profiles: Part V, Top Sires, Dams And New ROMs Through August 2003 Awards,
The Latest On Vaccinations

Aug-Sept 2003, $10

ASSA National Specialty,
Rescue At The National, Hollie Scott – Junior Handle, r
Book Review: Raising A Champion Successfully,
Ridding Skunk Odor, Theories Of Color And Pattern Dominance In Shelties

June-July 2003, $10

Crufts, Patellar Luxation,
Guidelines In Choosing A Handler

Feb-Mar 2003, $10

Remembering “TC”, Ch. Tara Hill Aylmere Wild Card,
Halstor’s Peter Pumpkin, Whelping: Neonatal Tips

Dec-Jan 2003, $10

Jennifer Graham / Silversong,
Obedience And Agility Are Compatible!
Herding Profiles.
Puppy Mills, Pt. 2, Hemorraghic Gastroenteritis,
Ch Zion’s Man About Town 4CC, ROM

Oct-Nov 2002, $10

Yvonne Samuelson / Seahaven, Judging In Japan, By Tom And Nioma Coen,
Crufts 2002 Results, Comments, CSSA 2002 Results,
Megan Nelson, Jr. Handler

Aug-Sept 2002, $10

ASSA 2002 Coverage
Pat Character Tribute,
Proper Fronts, The Sisters Anahassett, Puppy Proofing Your Home And Yard

June-July 2002, $10

UCD Jo-Lyn’s Mysterious Treasure,
Comparison Of The US And UK Standard,
Don Combee, No. Cal. Versatility Challenge,
Dog Show Etiquette,
Rose Chandless, Merdith Maust And Joseph Molloy On Judging

Apr-May 2002, $10

Don Combee, Judge, Part 1,
Joyce Hansen / Royal Oaks
HCh. WTCh. HTCh. Northlight Ceilidh

Feb-Mar 2002, $10

Kay Searle / Valdawn Tribute
Ch. Daval Resolute ROM & Ch. Daval Mind Games ROM

Dec-Jan 2002, $10

Joyce Kern / Seacliff, the Standard And The Perfomance Exhibitor, Tom Coen On Professional Handling,
Ch. Larkspur Of Pocono CDX/ROM

Oct-Nov 2001, $10

Mona Simmons / Simmore,
The First Sheltie Champion Tracker, Sagebrush Molly Brown

Aug-Sep 2001, $10

ASSA Nat’l Specialty Results And Photos,
Suzanne Healy / Soliare,
Rescuing Older Dogs, Ideal Type, By Tom Coen

June-Jul 2001, $10

Ch. Arenray’s Reminisce,
Doing Crating Right, Who Is A Top Breeder?
Air Travel With Dogs, Alleviating Arthritis, Pt. 2,
Under Eyelid Infections,
Thyroid Testing,
Age Factor In Herding

Apr-May 2001, $10

Shetland Sheepdog World Conference 2000, By Tom Coen,
Alleviating Artritis, Pt.1, ABCs Of House Training,
Pedigree Analysis “How To”’s

Feb-Mar 2001, $10

Ch. Mystique Summer Breeze MX, MXJ

Oct-Nov 2000, $10

Harriet Smith, Waldenwood, Agility
Ch. Halcyon Marfray Demands Attn PT, MX AXJ VCX; CSSA

Aug-Sep 2000, $10

ASSA Specialty Results, Judges’ Critique, Photos,
Herding Highlights No. Cal

Oct-Nov 1999, $10

Cheryl & Ed Allison / Dwalin
Linda Millman, Judge

Aug-Sept 1999, $10

ASSA Coverage,
Mary Van Wagenen Tribute

June-July 1999, $10

Bill & Irene Munsey

April-May 1999, $10

Judge Rick Thompson,
Kim Aston And Peter Culumovic / Laureate,
Jane Hammett / Shadow Hill, A/C Ch. Kylene Cindahope Town Cryer ROM

Feb-Mar 1999, $10

Marsha And Daniel Wheatcroft / Marshland,
Sheila Monks / Shield Crest, Lyn & Bob Krivanek / Dundee

Oct-Nov 1998, $10

Judy Decker / Elbee,
Dorothy K. Christensen / Lynnlea,
judge Shelby Price / Keynote
Obedience Handling Tips,
Buying A Performance Sheltie

Aug-Sept 1998, $10

The Specialty Issue – Results And Pictures,
Karen Munster / Karmun Shelties,
Joyce Woolridge / Shadland

June-July 1998, $10

Johanna Primeaux / Primo Shelties

Aug-Sept 1997, $10

ASSA Results And Reports

Oct-Nov 1996, $10

BIS/BISS Am. Can. Ch. Brandywine’s Imprint CC

Aug-Sept 1996, $10

BIS/BISS Ch. Cindahope Picture Perfect CC,
ASSA National Results And Reports

June-July 1996 $10

OTCH Jo’s Expensif Hobi O’ Redfield CDX,
Kathy Dziegiel & Arlene Bullens / Kylene