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Sheltie Color Inheritance is a 20 page, 8 1/2 by 11 inch, informative book which will help you predict the colors when planning your litters. Using diagrams to illustrate all the possible combinations and resuts, understanding color inheritance is has never been easier or faster.
The Sheltie Color Inheritance charts are so easy to use that you don’t need a background in genetics to understand and to predict Sheltie color inheritance in Bi-Colors, Sables, Tri's, Whites and Double Merles.
A visual, easy-to-understand example will give you, at a glance, the predicted outcome of every possible color combination. It’s fast and simple, and requires no text, no calcuator, or complicated explanation.
Compiled by Jan and Peggy Haderlie of SumerSong Shelties, Shetland Sheepdog Color Inheritance was written for, and available EXCLUSIVELY at Sheltie International.
Below is a sample taken from inside the booklet.

color chart

Single copies US $15, Canadian customers add $5 postage, Overseas customers add $8 postage DISCOUNTS ON MULTIPLE COPIES - 6 books $60, includes postage. 6 books $75 Canada, includes postage.

Sheltie International is offered to all judges who are AKC approved to judge Shelties at the
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